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Why Every Designer Needs A Portfolio

A good portfolio is essential to photographers, graphic designers, web developers, and anyone interested in the freelance world. It is in your portfolio where you showcase your best work, your talents, and your potential to its fullest to prospect clients or employers.

If you are a hobbyist that enjoys photography, a portfolio can help you keep record of your improvements. Students enrolled in graphic design programs will probably notice that building a good portfolio is an important part of their curricula. However, if you are a self-taught designer always looking to better yourself with courses or tutorials, you must start creating your portfolio from day one. This will allow you to showcase what you can do as well as your ability to learn something new and apply it to a real-life project.

For anyone interested in walking the freelance path, a good portfolio could be an essential factor when it comes to moving up in your career and becoming successful. Your digital portfolio can be part of your website so that it will be available online for prospective clients to see.

Who needs a portfolio?

Everyone interested in creating a good first impression and increasing their chances of being found by possible future clients, employers, or partners, can benefit from having a digital portfolio online. However, it is professionals in the following fields who most often use  digital portfolios to better market their products and services.

  • Creatives, such as Graphic designers, Photographers, Writers, Artists, Web designers, and Musicians.
  • Students. It can be a perfect tool for entering the workforce and show your achievements.
  • Architects, Engineers, and trades professionals. It can allow clients to see your designs, prototypes, and projects as they progress.
  • Business professionals. Many companies include digital portfolios in their corporate websites to increase their business opportunities.

Some social media platforms such as Instagram or Adobe’s Behance could be a useful resource for showcasing your work online at no cost. However, as you progress in your freelance work, a website that includes a portfolio could make a big difference and get you a step closer to building a good reputation and partaking in progressively important projects.

As any online tool, your portfolio will improve your chances of being discovered by search engines if you implement some SEO tactics and digital marketing strategies.

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