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Establish Your Photography Brand on Social Media

You can establish yourself as an expert in what you love on social media by sharing your knowledge as well as posts and content from other leaders and experts within the same or complementary industries.

As a photographer, you can post your advice on different camera lenses as well as lighting, composition, and Photoshop tips. You can also re-post content about digital art, graphic design, and animation from people you follow.

You might also expand your reach by exploring other niches like for example nature and wildlife photography, pet photography, aerial photography, or even photography courses and workshops.

Many photography accounts share information about different software for graphic and web designers, some of them partner with brands, run affiliates programs, and promote products as influencers.

Here are some examples of the best platforms for photographers to showcase their portfolio and grow business and brand thanks to social media:

  1. Instagram
  2. Behance (by Adobe)
  3. YouPic
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